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vpnI’m not ashamed to admit it: I am a dirt-poor college student. Since I’ve got to eat and since food costs money, I had to come up with some ways to tighten up the old budget. I stopped getting cable and WiFi at my apartment, which helped a lot. But now whenever I want to use the Internet I have to go to the library or a coffee shop.

It was working out well until my personal email, Facebook, and Twitter got hacked and someone started posting links to some really messed up sites where my grandma could see them. So I had to rethink my budgeting strategy. I had some classmates who suggested spending a few bucks on a VPN, so I looked around and found a site called HideMyAss. Luckily, it turned out to be the best VPN service for my budget and situation.

Apparently, the way a VPN works is that whenever you log in to the Web, the VPN reroutes your signal to make it appear as though you’re logging in from, like, China or somewhere. It encrypts your activity so no one can steal your info. Everything has been working like gangbusters ever since I started subscribing, and I’ve had zero problems with hackers. It spreading their services in many countries as you can visit this as or you can also get to know that what is the best vpn service for brazil.

There were a couple of cool added bonuses with HideMyAss (the best VPN service ever) that I only figured out after I started using it. When I’m logging in on campus, I don’t have to worry about those stupid “Acceptable Use” policies and can log on to whatever site I want. Plus, I found out when I was on vacation in the Bahamas with a rich buddy that a VPN lets you stream content outside the United States. We logged on to Netflix whenever it was raining and at the airport with no trouble at all.

HideMyAss is seriously the best VPN service to if you don’t have too much cash to spend. It’s fast and efficient and gives great peace of mind. I totally recommend going to their site and checking it out.

Best VPN Service

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VpnI travel a lot. This is because I work for an information and data collection company, which sends me to a whole bunch of different countries. I have a corporate laptop, which I use to do all of my abroad computing. However, sometimes, being in a different country can cause some problems when trying to get work done. I’ve noticed that in several Middle Eastern countries, my company’s website is blocked due to its different security settings. This can be a little problematic.

For more information about hma (hidemyass).Fortunately, I wasn’t the only employee experiencing this problem. Several others in my company had noticed the same issues and had taken it to management in hope of corporate resolution. After a couple months of complaints, they finally decided to do something. Sure enough, it only took some lost money on a deal where the corporate employee couldn’t pull up his client’s documents.

They set us up with a VPN service. I know, technical terms. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Basically, my company pays this third party website to run a network where all of the abroad employees can connect to. What happens is that, upon connection to the virtual private network, the IP address of my computer is converted to one of a different country. This allows us to be able to have access to the sites we normally cannot get. For more information about hma (hidemyass).

Not only that, but it actually allows our information to be much more secure as well. On a personal level, it is nice knowing that my information and ultimately, my company’s information is safe. I would recommend to any company or individual looking to do computing on foreign soil to get acquainted with a VPN service. You can check by visit this link as Whether it’s to connect to blocked websites or protect your data, it’s always a good idea. Check out vpn service reviews, click here.

Goodbye Flash Drives : Hello Cloud!

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cloud-storage (1) copyMy first experience with cloud storage came when I was offered a position with a website development company with a focus on CRM solutions and site SEO integration.  Considering my technological faults, I guess I was lucky to be offered a position with a cutting-edge company; I knew I was in trouble when they laughed at me for using a thumb drive.  After they calmed down one of the secretaries introduced me to

Just cloud was something entirely new to me, I could store massive amounts of digital information on the “internet” and access it at anytime from any computer or smart phone. Needless to say I was excited about not having to carry a “man purse” with scan disks and flash drives, although I hated to let my angry birds flash drive go I guess it was time to move on to the latest technology.

130415_009_290X230 copyI wasn’t done being blown away by modern internet storage options, the next thing I was introduced to was cloud backup services from ibackup.  Now, not only could I save documents on the “internet” safely and securely with the use of a VPN service provider, (here’s a helpful resources vpn service reviews, click here), but now I could backup my entire hard-drive, virtually.

After they showed me the ins and outs of uploading files to my new cloud account, they explained that for the office desktops I would be using a mac cloud software program called Carbon Copy Cloner, which in essence would serve as a hard-drive backup system. Who would have thought that the internet could store the files I needed to restore my computer back to today’s setting in case anything goes south and my PC crashes. If there’s an instance that you need  a data to store in your cloud and you can’t get into it for some security reasons, a VPN called hidemyass is a good solution, more information about hma (hidemyass).

I couldn’t help but to wonder if this was how my first day was going to go at a new job, by the end of the week all of the other employees will know that I was still alive when dinosaurs walked the earth!


Prevent File Mishaps: Back it up with Cloud Storage!

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lens12324821_1280037371recover_files_deleted_froAs a busy college student, I have definitely had my fair share of scares when it comes to lost files I had been working on an English final when the power went out in my apartment. I had been working for on it for weeks and always had been in the habit of saving my work.

The night the power went out, I had more interruptions than usual. During all of that, I managed to return back to my collegiate form and make sure that I finished this paper. I had about 4 hours of solid work done when everything went black and silent.

My heart stopped. Two minutes later, the lights came back on thankfully. The results of that brief blackout costs me at least a half days’ worth of work! With all of the distractions, I forgot to save! Without boring you about the details of the pleading and crying I did with my professor, I decided there had to be a more reliable way to chart, maintain and protect my work. A friend of mine offered a shoulder to cry on and a way to prevent that from happening again.

about-descriptionMy emancipation came with the introduction to just cloud storage. A friend told me about this and shares his experience with cloud storage and made it more stress free with the VPN service provider he used the “meilleurs vpn,“. It is a phenomenal and stress free way to insure that I have a way to safely store and protect all work in progress. Mac backup is simple with just cloud and since I have so many documents I am always creating, as well as music, it is awesome to know that storage is virtually unlimited.

If you are constantly creating important new documents or downloading music, it is essential to have a reliable way to store, or in some cases, restore your vital files with the help of a good service provider ( here’s a vpn4all test – comparatif ). Getting cloud backup service is a smart way to prevent any file mishaps.